details of KRK & Co

Our History

KRK INTERNATIONAL is the leading fresh fruits importer in INDIA in the name of KRK & CO. We import all kinds of fresh fruits from across the 5 continents namely Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and Africa and distribute to major hypermarkets, supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers nationwide as well as domestic markets in the South East Asian region. Our business is built on customer care and high quality products.


If you are an importer, retailer or commercial agent looking for a reliable business partner in India, you are at the right place. We are specialists in this field and can consistently deliver top quality Fresh fruits at competitive prices. We are extremely passionate about food. We go to enormous lengths to find the best, freshest and most seasonal Fresh fruits


K.RAMAKRISHANAN & CO is an established name in the world of fresh fruits IMPORTS in India, and has grown steadily in size, scope and reputation, to become the export and import powerhouse of today. It is well managed and has strong physical and financial muscle to fulfill even very large orders. Since our foundation some 3 decades ago, we have built up a reputation for superb quality, an outstanding range with a reliable delivery service.


We have a 24-hour centralized cold room with computerized controlled temperature, humidity and ozone system control to store large scale vegetables and fruits and 100% refrigerated trailers that run on a 7-day week








Business Principles